At Vintage, we believe in the power of giving.

We created a win4 model where we help investors, startups, corporates and ecosystem players gain access to the most valuable resources they are seeking – each other.

This is a free service that Vintage provides in order to help our current and potential portfolio funds and their current and potential portfolio companies.

Our team of experienced technology professionals closely follow global innovation and trends. Our direct and indirect exposure to thousands of technology investments allows us to provide broad, unbiased help to solve specific technological and innovation-related pain points.

Our value-added experts have developed the M3 (Mapping, Matching and Moving) process for connecting, facilitating, translating and collaborating between corporates and startups, providing startups with further access to the market and corporates with access to innovative technologies. Startups also benefit from our global relationships, contacts and outreach by gaining access to talent and best practices data and capability building with professional workshops.

We are blue collar investors at Vintage and we work for you. We are happy to provide our value-added services to you so you can be a part of our win-win-win-win model too.