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  1. Vintage Investment Partners

12 Abba Eban Avenue
Ackerstein Towers Bldg. D, 10th Floor
Herzliyah Pituach 46120

Tel: +972-9-954-8464
Fax: +972-9-954-1012



As party to the initiative on addressing and eradicating ‘Sexual Harassment and Predatory Conduct in Israeli Venture Capital Funds’, Vintage Investment Partners has adopted a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach to any predatory practices by an investor against an entrepreneur seeking capital. If you have been faced or suspect sexual harassment and predatory conduct by any Vintage Investment Partners personnel, you are encouraged to report such conduct immediately to retired Labor Court Judge, Dina Efrati, who has been appointed by the Israeli venture capital funds party to the initiative, to serve as ombudsman for anyone who has a sexual harassment claim against any of the funds.

Mrs. Dina Efrati can be reached here.