Vintage Investment Partners makes commitments to leading Israeli, European and U.S. venture capital funds and Israeli private equity funds. With its fund of funds vehicles, Vintage also invests in “low-funded” or “early” secondary opportunities (funds which have called less than 45%).

Vintage’s strong relationships with Israeli, U.S. and European venture fund managers and Israeli private equity managers provide it with a unique ability to provide investors with access to the world’s leading funds.

Vintage’s ability to identify and access the top-tier managers, and ultimately provide investors with superior returns, is uniquely enhanced by our secondary operations.

Vintage currently manages approximately $620 million via its fund of funds activities.



Vintage Investment Partners has several advantages over other funds of funds in selecting top-quartile venture capital and private equity fund investments:

  • Vintage’s management brings a wealth of venture capital and private equity management experience to the Fund’s decision-making processes. Most of Vintage’s partners have spent a large proportion of their careers doing direct investments in private technology companies.
  • The Vintage team generally has over 100 years of multi-discipline investing and operational experience in the Israeli, U.S. and European technology markets.
  • Vintage’s secondary fund operations provide a first-hand, “real-world” perspective on the investment approach and performance of numerous fund management teams making fund selection better and more efficient.

Overall, Vintage Investment Partners’ fund of funds allows investors to obtain exposure to the exciting venture capital and private equity market and to get broad diversification in the top quartile funds without having to invest large sums.