Vintage Investment Partners’ Secondary Funds acquire:

  • Limited partnership interests in Israeli, European and select U.S. venture capital funds and Israeli private equity funds
  • Direct portfolios of Israel-related venture- or private equity-backed companies
  • Individual shareholdings of private Israel-related venture- and private equity-backed companies

Vintage also has experience in creating side or annex funds for existing portfolios and funds.

Vintage currently manages approximately $580 million via its secondary fund activities.



Vintage Investment Partners provides liquidity solutions for investors who are invested in Israeli and European venture capital funds and select U.S. venture capital funds and in Israeli private equity funds or in private Israeli venture- and private equity-backed companies and find that these investments no longer meet their investment needs.
Vintage Investment Partners has several advantages over other secondary funds in completing transactions venture capital funds, private equity funds and direct private company holdings:

  • Extensive existing holdings in venture capital and private technology companies
  • A deep and up-to-date database of Israel-related, European and U.S. venture and Israeli private equity funds, and private technology-focused companies
  • A team comprised of experienced technology investors who understand technology investing and trends

These assets allow Vintage to complete secondary transactions more quickly, more efficiently and with a greater degree of certainty of closing than other funds.

To date, Vintage has successfully completed over 300 secondary transactions.



Given our deep familiarity and long involvement with the venture market, Vintage Investment Partners is able both to quickly and discreetly assess technology-related opportunities.

We believe that confidentiality is a cardinal principle in secondary transactions. While investors may be interested in liquidity for their holdings, we understand that they are no less interested in ensuring that their secondary transactions remain highly confidential for reputational reasons.

As a result, Vintage does not publicly disclose transactions. We do not post transactions on our web-site. We do not issue press releases relating to transactions nor do we publish tombstones or other advertisements.